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Who We Are

Company Overview

Our jobs are completed in a safe and timely fashion. With over 20 years of experience, we work side-by-side with contractors, and also work with ambitious homeowners needing help with the “do-it-yourself” jobs. We work in all areas of New Jersey.

We know demolition is a destructive and messy business, and we work hard to not disturb anything in the house besides the job at hand.  If plumbing is involved, we shut off the water to avoid any potential water damage.  For inside jobs, we make a “hallway of plastic” to close off the room from the rest of the house so the dust does not escape the work area.  Furthermore, our owner is present on every job to ensure customer satisfaction.

A Company You Can Trust

A list of contractors and homeowner referrals is available upon request. Contact us to request referrals, and please feel free to specify the type of job, so we can better match up the referrals with relevant prior jobs.

  • Fully insured (License # 13VH06393600)

Recycling & Green Demolition

We are proud to adhere to green demolition. Following the removal of hazardous building materials, we properly dispose of these so they do not end up in landfills and subsequently polluting the Earth’s soil and water.