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What We Do

Gopher Demolition Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition

Our interior demolition teams have the training and experience to ensure safe and efficient demolition, so you can quickly get to the remodeling of that kitchen, bathroom, basement, or other interior contracting project.

Gopher Exterior Demolition

Exterior Demolition

We handle a full range of exterior demolition services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, including sidings, roofs and more.

Gopher Demolition offers Complete Structure Removal

Complete Structure Removal

For whatever the circumstances, if a structure is required to be taken down, we carefully plan the method and equipment needed for each job. We then secure the surrounding area, safely remove the building, and haul away the debris.

Disaster Relief & Emergency Services

Disaster Relief & Emergency Services

We understand that rapid response and courteous, understanding teams are key factors after storms and natural disasters. Let us take care of the mold remediation, debris removal and demolition, so you may rebuild and quickly move forward.